School Supplies

Please find a sample school supply list by class below. This varies slightly from year to year and will be updated when the upcoming year's registration opens and will be emailed to students by their teachers.  Yes, school supplies are mandatory. 
We appreciate any and all items that you can contribute outside of the mandatory supply list.


A note from our director:


Hello Everyone,


I hope you all have had a fantastic Summer! We are excited to begin our school

year and get to meet our new friends and families. To help make our learning year

a success, we are asking for these items this year. I know your tots are eager to go

shopping and pick out their school supplies. Thank you all for your support and please email me with any questions.

Ms. Nancy’s 2s Classes

1 large glue stick (easier for little hands to hold)

1 roll of paper towels

1 box of disposable gloves -size med or large


For boys, please bring:

1 package or tub Baby Wipes

1 hand sanitizer

Ziploc type gallon size bags


For girls, please bring:

1 container Clorox/Lysol Wipes

1 pump hand soap

Ziploc type quart/sandwich size bags


For every class, please bring:

1 Tote Bag – like the reusable grocery bags (large enough to fit their completed art projects without damage). These are more efficient for a 2 year old.  If your child wants a backpack, please make sure it is a larger one (the extra clothes/shoes don't fit into a smaller backpack.)

1 complete change of clothes and shoes ( label with child's nameand keep in the bag at all times.  If your child is potty training, 2 sets of clothes would be ideal.  Make sure to change the clothing with the seasons.

Extra diapers ( or pull-ups if potty training) and a small pack of wipes.

1 water bottle (labeled with your child's name.  Filled daily with fresh, cold water)

Not mandatory but we can always use:

 cotton balls


Ms. Carol’s 3s Classes

2 rolls of paper towels

2 boxes of tissues

3 pump bottles of hand soap

2 pump bottles of hand sanitizer

3 individual containers of CRAYOLA WATER PAINT with the little brush inside

2 packages of 4 Elmer glue sticks

1 large box of zip lock bags (any brand will do)

1 large box of sandwich size bags (any brand will do)

1 large container of disposable gloves

1 package of baby wipes

1 4-package of PLAY DOH.  No generic

2 individual pictures of your child for our "All About Me" series.


For every class, please bring:

1 large tote bag to carry in daily with a change of clothes and shoes according to season.  All labeled with your child's name.

1 water bottle (labeled with your child's name.  Filled daily with fresh, cold water)


Ms. Tricia's 4s Classes


1 pump hand soap

1 hand sanitizer

1 box gallon zip lock bags 

1 box sandwich zip lock bags 

1 pack baby wipes

1 roll paper towels

1 box disposable gloves (med/large)

2 8-packs large Crayola crayons (no Jumbo)

1 6-pack glue sticks 

1 pocket folder (for homework)

1 pocket folder with prongs 

1 spiral bound index cards

2 oversized t-shirts (to use as art smocks, labeled with your child’s name on inside collar with permanent marker)

1 complete change of clothes (in a gallon Ziploc bag, labeled with child’s name, will send reminders to switch out as the seasons change)


For every class, please bring:

1 tote bag or standard size backpack (must be large enough to fit homework folder and art projects)

1 water bottle (labeled with child’s name, filled daily with fresh, cold water)