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Parkville Tots is proud to offer an exceptional program for the children of our community with affordable tuition. As a non-profit organization operating with a co-op school model, we rely on fundraising efforts through our parent community to help keep tuition affordable.

Each school year we have several fundraising opportunities. These may be items for sale, fun events, or spirit nights. Please help us make it possible to do even more for our kids!

In addition to the fundraisers... there are other ways to help the Parkville Tots program earn money.

1. Amazon Associates Program

Simply shop on through our special link and you'll help the Tots program earn money.  


All you have to do is use this special link: or click on the image and shop how you normally would. There's no extra step to take and no code to enter. The special link is tied to the Parkville Tots account so we get credit when you shop but only through the special link.


Your personal information and purchases are not shared with us. We will never have access to this information.

Please bookmark this link in your Internet browser to make sure you use this link when you want to shop on Amazon. Share with friends, family, and neighbors. Thanks so much for your support!

2. Spirit Nights

Show your school spirit at the Tots Spirit Nights. Spirit Nights are a great way to meet and mingle with fellow families and teachers outside of the classroom. Simply join us for an upcoming Spirit Night and help the Parkville Tots earn money. 

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