Statement of Policies

The Parkville Tots activities are geared to the recreational needs of active 2, 3 and 4 -year old children. This diversified program provides each child the opportunity to participate with children their own age in a recreational setting and offers music, creative games, stories and lots of good fun.

Procedures for Application
  • Registrations are taken according to the date they are received and must be accompanied by the required non-refundable non-transferable application fee.

  • A separate registration must be filed for each child in a family to assure proper placement in a group or on a waiting list.


Policies of Admission 
  • Admission to the program is on a first come, first serve basis according to the date the registration is received. Once a session has full enrollment, a waiting list will be compiled, again on a first come basis.

  • Children are admitted in the order in which their names appear on the waiting list. When vacancies arise, the first family on the list is notified.

  • The enrollment of each group is limited to 12 two year-olds, 18 three year-olds, and 18 four year-olds per 2 hour session. The number accepted for the waiting list will be at the discretion of the Board.

  • Children participating in the current year will be given the opportunity to pre-register. However, prompt return is requested to assure placement in the program.


General Policies and Information 
  • Children should wear play clothes. Daily outdoor play periods are planned, except on rainy or snowy days. Dress your child appropriately. Label all clothing!!! We can not be responsible for any lost articles of clothing.

  • Handicapped children and those with emotional or behavioral problems will be admitted to the program and given an adjustment period to work with their age group. Every consideration will be given to help the child remain in the program. Final determination will be made by the Board and Staff. Repeated disruptive behavior will be cause for dismissal.

  • Lack of parent participation will constitute the necessary grounds for immediate removal of the child from the program. 

  • Non-payment of the required monies within the given time will also necessitate dismissal of the child from the program.

  • Class list will be distributed, listing names, emails, and phone numbers of your child’s group. This will be available shortly after the program starts in September.

  • No smoking is allowed while assisting with the children, or within the grounds of the recreation center.

  • If you wish to contact the Staff, please send a note with your child. Any problems or questions should be referred directly to the Director. 

  • Do not bring your child earlier than 10 minutes before your program begins.

  • Do not permit your child to bring anything to the program unless it is Show & Tell for your child or asked by the staff.

  • Board Members shall be interested parents who volunteer for the position they hold.

  • Group and individual pictures of the children will be taken during a scheduled class time. You will receive all the necessary information.

  • Teacher/Parent conferences will be scheduled as needed during class time. You will receive all the necessary information. 


Inclement Weather

Parkville Tots follows the Baltimore County Public School system for our calendar and holiday schedule. We also adhere to their weather policy which includes late openings and early closings due to inclement weather.

If Baltimore County School System...

  • Starts 1 hour late - Tots will start 1 hour late

  • Starts 1.5 - 2 hours late - Tots AM classes are cancelled but PM is still on

  • Closes 1 hour early - Tots will close 1 hour early

  • Closes 1.5 - 2 hours early - Tots PM classes are cancelled

  • Closed - Tots is closed


  • If you are late picking up your child from the program in a non-emergency situation without notification, a $10.00 fee for the first 5 minutes and $1.00 for every minute thereafter will be calculated. This fee must be paid directly to the Staff before your child returns the following day.

  • Tuition shall be due on the first day of the calendar month as outlined by the payment plan. A penalty shall be added if payment is not received by the 10th of the month. The first offense late penalty shall be $35; second offense and any subsequent shall be $50. Excessive delinquency will necessitate withdrawal of the child from the Preschool.

  • No partial payment will be accepted.  Payment must be in full including late fees. If payment and late fees are received on or after the 10th of the month, payment must be paid in money order or certified check.

  • If two (2) checks are returned for NSF, all future payments must be paid in money order or certified check. You are responsible for any fees incurred by Parkville Tots for returned checks.

  • Concerning withdrawal: Because our yearly program budget and planning depends solely on student tuition, and as per Parkville Recreation Council’s no refund policy, annual tuition may be refunded only in the case of withdrawal prior to September 1, AND once the vacancy has been filled. Withdrawals after September 1 are not eligible for any tuition refund. Similarly, in the event of registration after the start of school (no later than Sept 30), tuition is not prorated. 

  • Registration and supply fees are nonrefundable. Furthermore, actual physical supplies are considered donations to the program and are not returnable.



Parents should discuss appropriate school behavior with their child.  Under no circumstances should a child show disrespect, verbally or physically, towards any classmate or staff. Your child will receive two (2) warnings. After the second warning, should it happen again, parents will receive written notice and be asked to leave the program.


Parent Helpers 

Parents will be resposible for coordinating with Staff days in which he or she can help in the classroom during class time. A calendar is on the board in the hallway. Usually Parent Helper Days will not start until November. This will give the children time to adjust to the classroom routine.  If a child has a difficult time while his or her parent is in the classroom or after Parent Helper Day, that parent will be asked to do his or her co-oping outside the classroom. This is in the best interest of all the children. CRAFT PARENTS: Every parent is responsible for cutting and tracing various crafts for the children's crafts activities. Instructions and materials will come directly from the Staff.